A Clinical Massage and Therapy Center

Our goal is to eliminate your pain and improve your physical quality of life, by offering a variety of treatments and services to meet your specific needs. In addition to this, we offer a professional yet relaxing atmosphere, resulting in an informative, stress-free experience.

Christina Segel, L.M.T. is a highly skilled; state-licensed, and nationally certified massage therapist who holds herself to a high standard of ethics and professionalism.

We appreciate your patronage and entrusting us with your overall health and wellness.


Dale M.
Dale M.
Local Guide
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Outstanding work! I was having an issue with my shoulder and went to my doctor and did the normal route of MRI type tests but no issues were found. I was referred to A Clinical Massage, I was skeptical a "massage" could fix the issue, I've had massages with no relief. I went to appointment and we discussed the problem she told me what she thought might be the issue and started to work. Whoa, this was not what I was expecting, it was a pin point approach to my shoulder issue not some fluffy all body massage. The issue was resolved on the first visit! I thought fluke but she has fixed or resolved a number of different issues. She knows what she is doing and has even stopped me from questioning or suggesting that isn't where "I feel the pain". Now, anytime I have a body pain, I make an appointment tell her the issue and shut up and get it fixed! I have converted both my wife and daughter go for any of their pain issues. If you are having an issue with muscle type pain and your doctor can find a resolution, do yourself a favor call for an appointment. She is usually pretty busy which speaks for itself. Actually, don't call that leaves more openings for me and my family. 🙂
Verena Jorgensen , MD
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I have had neck and shoulder tension/pain for 10 years now. I have been to multiple message therapists, all of whom rubbed my knots without changing a thing. It felt good while they were rubbing, but I was just as tense the next day. In the 6 months that I have been seeing Christina Segel, I have found relief. With each treatment, my muscles are more pliable and the knots are unraveling. Christina finds the tension spots and, somehow, gets the muscles to let go. And it lasts. The muscles stay relaxed. Christina teaches you techniques to supplement what she is doing in the office, but I think she is the magic. Now, the pain is gone, my range of motion is improved, and my posture is more erect. The difference with Christina is, you don't just feel better, you are better!
Marisa Belote, RN
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My stress manifests itself in muscle tension in my neck and back. A few years ago I decided to search for a Massage Therapist that could help me eliminate the pain and tension that limited my ability to function as I had previously been accustomed to. Over a 10-month period I went to a number of therapists and had at least two massage sessions with each. Although there were aspects of their treatment that were good, the overall package was not meeting my needs. Fortunately, I met Christina Segel, L.M.T. and have continued to utilize her service for a number of years. Her therapy is consistently excellent and has allowed me to return to the level of function prior to the pain. She is very intuitive as she works. It has often occurred to me that she can determine my source of pain or discomfort without my having to direct her to a specific spot. I have continued to be impressed with her compassion, caring and desire to increase her knowledge in her chosen field. Often she has informed me of the various educational opportunities she has participated in with the ultimate goal to improve her service to her clients. As a Registered Nurse, I am personally aware of the importance of continuing education and it is an indication of Christina's dedication and professionalism that she so actively pursues improvement through education. I have given gift certificates for Christina's massage therapy to family, friends and customers. Everyone who has received these gifts has been extremely satisfied and has thanked me for introducing them to Christina. Personally speaking, Christina has not only made me feel good, but she has made me look good as well. I highly recommend her services and encourage anyone who is experiencing discomfort to contact Christina. I am extremely confident that after the first session you will be completely satisfied and conclude that you found the right therapist.
Mark A Fitzpatrick
Vice President / Mortgage
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As a 43 year old, weekend warrior, I have a lot of fond memories of playing sports over the years. Unfortunately, they were just memories. I could no longer tolerate the pain in my feet, and had given up on all sports that required running. An MRI, two x-rays & three "expert" opinions did nothing to heal my pain. A shoulder issue led to a referral to you. When we started talking about ailments, I had not even a distant hope of restoration of my feet. After all, there "was nothing physically wrong, I was just aging", or so I was told. In just 3 months, you have stimulated blood flow to my feet that has changed my sports life. I've started playing basketball again! Thank you for listening, for persisting, and overcoming my doubts. You do good work, and I sincerely appreciate it!
Ziona Kopelovich
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Christina, along with physical therapy, has given me back my body. As someone who has had two compression fractures in my back repaired (Kyfoplasty), five herniated discs, and underwent a tram-flap my back could only be described as a “mess”. Christina has helped relieve the constant back and neck pain I’ve had to contend with. She has “opened up” my hips so that I can walk normally, like a woman would, rather than someone who’s afraid to move her hips so as not to induce pain. My head, I discovered, actually is resting on a newly found neck, rather than directly on my shoulders…After undergoing surgery where lymph nodes were removed from under my arm, the range of motion in the affected arm was quite limited despite lymphedema therapy. Christina increased my range of motion in that arm to the point of having practically normal range of motion. I don’t know where I’d be today if I didn’t have Christina’s help. In addition to her professionalism and deep knowledge of the human anatomy, Christina is a caring therapist and her dedication to her patients is exemplary.
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I visited A Clinical Massage about 6 months after receiving the 2nd cortisone shot in my left shoulder. I had been having pain in the shoulder for more than 2 years and had visited my family doctor several times concerning this problem. The pain in my shoulder was getting worst and worst and was finally getting to the point where I was having trouble lifting my arm above my head. My family doctor recommended a cortisone shot followed by resting the arm in a sling for 2 weeks. I followed this recommendation by the doctor for over a year and even received a second shot of cortisone to further reduce the inflammation. Every time I received the shot from the doctor, the pain would subside but the range of motion in my arm was still lacking. The relief provided by the shot would only last for a few months and soon after the pain would return. I visited Christina at A Clinical Massage and described the pain that I was having. She immediately starting me on therapy and even gave me "homework" to do during the week. Her aggressive style to therapy and knowledge of stretching has proven valuable as I am now pain free. My shoulder has regained its range of motion so much that I have purchased a kayak and excited about returning to normal day to day operations. Thank you so much Christina!
Richard F. DeMarsh, D.D.S.
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I was introduced to Christina in March, 2013, by my chiropractor. After just a few sessions, my back pain which I suffered with for several years, was totally eliminated by her treatment. I continue to see her on a regular basis for maintenance, which has kept me pain free. Christina is a spectacular massage therapist. She has helped me understand what is going on with my back and ways to help me stay healthy even after her treatments. She is professional and extremely personable. She is dependable and thoroughly knowledgeable. I have recommended numerous friends and patients of mine with great confidence to Christina.
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Christina Segel is amazing! For the last decade, I have suffered with chronic chest and back pain. I have always believed massage therapy is an important factor in wellness, but after years of trying different massage therapists (and giving several of them months and months to correct the issue), I had given up and felt I was destined to tolerate this pain for the rest of my life. My internist referred me to Christina. From the first appointment, I knew A Clinical Massage was different. The office is very quiet and private, and appointments are staggered. That gives the client time before the actual therapy to discuss areas that need attention, and at the end of the full hour of massage therapy, one doesn’t feel rushed trying to get dressed and quickly vacate the room. Her office décor provides more of a feeling of being at home rather than in a clinical setting. Christina is knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. Her knowledge of human anatomy is extensive. We began with biweekly sessions, and she recommended exercises and stretches to do at home that would complement her therapy. It worked! By following her plan, my pain had decreased significantly after just a few appointments. After a few months of intense therapy, the pain had practically disappeared. I have been pain-free for over one year and now visit Christina every four weeks simply for maintenance. By the way, I travel 30 minutes each way to see her, and it’s worth every mile! I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Christina -- she’s the best at clinical massage and is also a very nice person!

About Christina

Our treatments are distinctly different from a traditional massage that one may receive at most chiropractic offices or therapy clinics. We offer thirty-minute and one-hour hands-on sessions, depending on the severity, type, and/or area(s) of injury. Our strong focus is directed at defining target tissues leading to pain and dysfunction using palpation, observation, and a variety of other manual techniques. This allows us to match the proper technique for the specific condition and assess patients for contraindications and possible referral.

By emphasizing corrective care, patients receive the maximum benefit of pain relief and restoration of function. Our practice concentrates on clinical massage. Our training, experience, and efforts revolve around delivering highly effective, clinically focused techniques resulting in high patient compliance and satisfaction.


  • Sun Coast School of Massage Therapy, Tampa Florida

Licenses and certifications:

  • Nationally certified in therapeutic Massage and bodywork since January of 2000 # 282946-00
  • Licensed by the State of Florida Department of Health Division of Medical Quality Assurance since January of 2000 #MA30496
  • Establishment Licensed and inspected through the State of Florida Department of Health Division of Quality Assurance since December , 2003 #MM21335
  • Registered professional member of American Massage Therapy Association. (AMTA)
  • Certified Medical Massage Practitioner (LMT Success Group)
  • Certified Natural Health Professional (C.N.H.P.)

Specializing In:

  • Clinical / Medical Massage
  • Incorporating Neuromuscular Re-education, Trigger Point Therapy, Positional release, soft tissue approximation, and Active Isolated Stretching to release muscle tension and spasm. Thus resulting in pain relief, increased range of motion, and increased circulation.

Our Services - Clinical / Medical Massage

This treatment uses firm pressure applied to specific areas of complaint. It is intended to breakdown Lactic Acid and release trigger points, relieving areas of chronic and acute pain, as well as extreme muscle tension. It will also relax muscle spasms, and help correct postural issues by restoring full range of motion. One or more of the following modalities will be incorporated into the treatment depending on what your therapist feels will be the most effective protocol…

Cost per hour:

  • Cash: $105.00
  • Credit Card: $108.15
  • PayPal: $112.20

Some of the benefits of massage are…

  • Increased circulation and lymphatic movement
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion, preventing muscle injury
  • Increased endorphin production (the body’s natural painkiller)
  • Reduced or eliminated chronic pain, muscle aches, spasms and headaches
  • Preventing/reducing the pain of Repetitive Stress Syndrome
  • Increased endurance during physical activities
  • Boost to the immune system
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Lowered stress levels
  • Comfort to pregnant women

Massage really works!

  • Chronic headaches, neck and lower back pains
    Headaches, and chronic neck and back pain can be caused by sudden trauma such as auto accidents (whiplash), sports-related activities, or from repetitious activities such as working at a computer or doing labor-intensive jobs that require a lot of bending, lifting, and reaching. Massage can help by releasing the tight, shortened muscles and trigger points. When the muscles relax and become more pliable, the pressure on the nerve lessens and blood circulation improves. By increasing oxygen and blood to the tissue, the pain is reduced and often eliminated.

How often should you receive a massage?

Your overall general health will determine this. If you’re in good health with no specific complaints or problems, you would probably only need to receive a massage once a month, for maintenance purposes. Depending on the severity of your pain and the specifics of your problems, once or twice a week might be necessary to achieve the desired results. Monthly follow-up visits after the desired results are achieved would be beneficial to keep you maintained and keep the old pain from reoccurring. Your therapist will be able to inform you of treatment recommendations at the conclusion of your session.

Massage can address chronic pain on many levels, and often works well in conjunction with other supportive measures, such as acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. Rest, exercise, and a healthy diet will maintain these results for a more substantial period of time, as well as help you to maintain your optimum health.

Certain health conditions exist that may require a doctor’s approval prior to treatment. Some may contraindicate massage altogether. If you have a condition that you are unsure about please consult your doctor or your therapist before your treatment.

Most common causes of pain.

This is a brief summary of the most common reasons for pain, and the explanation of why it happens.

Most neck, and shoulder pain, and headaches are a result of:

  1. Using too many pillows under your head.
    This elevates your head and holds it in a forward position. The muscles in the front and sides of your neck are held in a contracted position while over-stretching the ones in the back of the neck, and upper back. This will eventually cause tight hard muscles and a lack of blood flow in the over-stretched neck and back muscles. The muscles in the front and sides of the neck will go into spasm. This causes centralized pain and active referring trigger point pain in the head, (causing headaches) in the shoulder and down into the arm and sometimes fingers.
  2. Looking down with your arms held in front of your body for long periods of time.
    (Anyone who works on a computer, hairdressers, teachers, students, doctors, etc. all do this daily.) This does the same as above, but by holding the arms in front of the body it is now involving your rotator cuff muscles. This will cause spasms in the muscles in the front of the shoulder and over-stretch the ones in the back, activating more trigger points and causing further pain in more areas. (Esp. in the neck, shoulders, and down into the arm.)
  3. Lying on your side while sleeping.
    This does the same as above because of the forward positioning of the shoulder for prolonged periods of time.
  4. Holding your head in one position for extended periods of time
    Or repetitive head repositioning. (Example: turning your head to the left or right constantly all day) This also causes spasms in the overworked muscles(mostly the ones on the sides) activating trigger points that will cause radiating pain into the head, down into the shoulder, and the arm.


Most low back, hip and sciatic pain is a result of:

  1. For men, this is sitting with a wallet in their back pocket.
    This causes the hips to become rotated, which induces spasms in the lower back muscles on the opposite side of the wallet. This will also cause problems in the hip rotators, especially the side where the wallet is. This is, because of the way you walk with rotated hips, and because the muscles are and have been over-stretched for a long period. The muscles staying overstretched cause a lack of blood flow, therefore, if the muscles are left like this for a prolonged period the active trigger points in these muscles will cause radiating pain down into the hip, gluts, and or down into the leg.(often imitating sciatic pain.) Women will experience the same problems from sitting on one foot regularly.

  2. Laying on your side without a pillow between your knees/ legs.
    This causes the same hip rotation with similar symptoms.

  3. Locking your knees when you stand, especially for prolonged periods of time.
    Stand sideways in a mirror and watch what happens to your body when you do this.

    You will notice that it will push your stomach forward and put an arch in your lower back. This will compress your lumbar spine (esp.L5, S1) causing spasms and chronic pain in that area. By having that extra weight in the front of your body, you will also cause the lower back muscles to have to work overtime stabilizing your structure.

  4. Sitting, squatting, or bending at the waist for prolonged periods of time.

    Yes, this is a very common problem. You have a muscle that runs along the inside

    Of your body that connects the front of your hips to your lower back. When you are seated it is shortened, when you stand it is lengthened. Therefore, when you try to stand after sitting for a long period, the muscle will eventually go into spasm. This is because the muscle remembers the seated (contracted) position and eventually wants to stay that way. Where that muscle inserts into the lumbar spine is where and what causes the low back pain that you feel

    The bottom line is that muscles have memory. Therefore when you hold any position for a prolonged period of time, or do a movement in a repetitive pattern, the muscle is going to remember that position and or that pattern and want to stay there. When you attempt to achieve a somewhat normal position the muscle then goes into spasm because that position is not the one you have re-trained the muscle to be in. Thus, causing extreme pain and active trigger points, because a muscle in spasm is not receiving proper blood flow. Clinical/ Neuromuscular re-education will re-train the muscle to remember what normal function is again. Releasing the spasm tissue and active trigger points will then relieve pain because of increased blood flow to the tissue.

    We will usually always give exercises and stretches to our patients as homework so that they can continue to re-educate the tissue for more sustained results.

When you book an appointment with us, that time is considered yours. If no other time is available, we turn away patients who are also in need of treatment. Therefore not showing up and /or not calling ahead of time to re-open this time slot is not acceptable. This is not fair to other patients, or to the therapist whose time was not respected.

1-hour treatments are a full 60 minutes from your scheduled time. If you are late that time will be deducted from your treatment so please be punctual.
A 24-hour notice would be appreciated if you need to cancel an appointment.

If you do not cancel your appointment 24 hours prior to your scheduled time or do not make your appointment without prior notice given to us, it will be considered a “No Show”, and you will still be charged for that time.
If you are a patient with a previous “No Show” history you will be required to pre-pay for all future visits to us.