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• A Clinical Massage and Therapy Center - Testimonials

Christina Segel is amazing! For the last decade, I have suffered with chronic chest and back pain. I have always believed massage therapy is an important factor in wellness, but after years of trying different massage therapists (and giving several of them months and months to correct the issue), I had given up and felt I was destined to tolerate this pain for the rest of my life. My internist referred me to Christina. From the first appointment, I knew A Clinical Massage was different. The office is very quiet and private, and appointments are staggered. That gives the client time before the actual therapy to discuss areas that need attention, and at the end of the full hour of massage therapy, one doesn’t feel rushed trying to get dressed and quickly vacate the room. Her office décor provides more of a feeling of being at home rather than in a clinical setting. Christina is knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. Her knowledge of human anatomy is extensive. We began with biweekly sessions, and she recommended exercises and stretches to do at home that would complement her therapy. It worked! By following her plan, my pain had decreased significantly after just a few appointments. After a few months of intense therapy, the pain had practically disappeared. I have been pain-free for over one year and now visit Christina every four weeks simply for maintenance. By the way, I travel 30 minutes each way to see her, and it’s worth every mile! I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Christina -- she’s the best at clinical massage and is also a very nice person!

I was introduced to Christina in March, 2013, by my chiropractor. After just a few sessions, my back pain which I suffered with for several years, was totally eliminated by her treatment. I continue to see her on a regular basis for maintenance, which has kept me pain free. Christina is a spectacular massage therapist. She has helped me understand what is going on with my back and ways to help me stay healthy even after her treatments. She is professional and extremely personable. She is dependable and thoroughly knowledgeable. I have recommended numerous friends and patients of mine with great confidence to Christina.

Richard F. DeMarsh, D.D.S.

I visited A Clinical Massage about 6 months after receiving the 2nd cortisone shot in my left shoulder. I had been having pain in the shoulder for more than 2 years and had visited my family doctor several times concerning this problem. The pain in my shoulder was getting worst and worst and was finally getting to the point where I was having trouble lifting my arm above my head. My family doctor recommended a cortisone shot followed by resting the arm in a sling for 2 weeks. I followed this recommendation by the doctor for over a year and even received a second shot of cortisone to further reduce the inflammation. Every time I received the shot from the doctor, the pain would subside but the range of motion in my arm was still lacking. The relief provided by the shot would only last for a few months and soon after the pain would return. I visited Christina at A Clinical Massage and described the pain that I was having. She immediately starting me on therapy and even gave me "homework" to do during the week. Her aggressive style to therapy and knowledge of stretching has proven valuable as I am now pain free. My shoulder has regained its range of motion so much that I have purchased a kayak and excited about returning to normal day to day operations.

Thank you so much Christina


Christina, along with physical therapy, has given me back my body. As someone who has had two compression fractures in my back repaired (Kyfoplasty), five herniated discs, and underwent a tram-flap my back could only be described as a “mess”. Christina has helped relieve the constant back and neck pain I’ve had to contend with. She has “opened up” my hips so that I can walk normally, like a woman would, rather than someone who’s afraid to move her hips so as not to induce pain. My head, I discovered, actually is resting on a newly found neck, rather than directly on my shoulders…After undergoing surgery where lymph nodes were removed from under my arm, the range of motion in the affected arm was quite limited despite lymphedema therapy. Christina increased my range of motion in that arm to the point of having practically normal range of motion. I don’t know where I’d be today if I didn’t have Christina’s help. In addition to her professionalism and deep knowledge of the human anatomy, Christina is a caring therapist and her dedication to her patients is exemplary.

Ziona Kopelovich,

As a 43 year old, weekend warrior, I have a lot of fond memories of playing sports over the years. Unfortunately, they were just memories. I could no longer tolerate the pain in my feet, and had given up on all sports that required running. An MRI, two x-rays & three "expert" opinions did nothing to heal my pain.

A shoulder issue led to a referral to you. When we started talking about ailments, I had not even a distant hope of restoration of my feet. After all, there "was nothing physically wrong, I was just aging", or so I was told.

In just 3 months, you have stimulated blood flow to my feet that has changed my sports life. I've started playing basketball again!

Thank you for listening, for persisting, and overcoming my doubts. You do good work, and I sincerely appreciate it!

Mark A Fitzpatrick
Vice President / Mortgage
Sun Trust Bank

I have had neck and shoulder tension/pain for 10 years now. I have been to multiple message therapists, all of whom rubbed my knots without changing a thing. It felt good while they were rubbing, but I was just as tense the next day. In the 6 months that I have been seeing Christina Segel, I have found relief. With each treatment, my muscles are more pliable and the knots are unraveling. Christina finds the tension spots and, somehow, gets the muscles to let go. And it lasts. The muscles stay relaxed. Christina teaches you techniques to supplement what she is doing in the office, but I think she is the magic. Now, the pain is gone, my range of motion is improved, and my posture is more erect. The difference with Christina is, you don't just feel better, you are better!

Verena Jorgensen , MD

A Clinical Massage Therapy Center has changed my life. I was in excruciating pain when I first started seeing Christina Segal. My back was as hard as a rock, my sciatic nerve was constantly on fire, and I had limited range of motion. I tried numerous methods of treatment, but with only temporary relief or limited results. I now have mobility and a quality of life I never thought I would regain. Therapeutic massage is now a part of my monthly wellness plan, and I use it more for relaxation than a weekly medical necessity. Christina is extremely professional, caring, and fully invested in seeing her patients recover fully. I can’t say enough about her or A Clinical Massage Therapy Center.

Kristine Creely / Account Executive
Tampa, FL

My stress manifests itself in muscle tension in my neck and back. A few years ago I decided to search for a Massage Therapist that could help me eliminate the pain and tension that limited my ability to function as I had previously been accustomed to. Over a 10-month period I went to a number of therapists and had at least two massage sessions with each. Although there were aspects of their treatment that were good, the overall package was not meeting my needs.

Fortunately, I met Christina Segel, L.M.T. and have continued to utilize her service for a number of years. Her therapy is consistently excellent and has allowed me to return to the level of function prior to the pain. She is very intuitive as she works. It has often occurred to me that she can determine my source of pain or discomfort without my having to direct her to a specific spot.

I have continued to be impressed with her compassion, caring and desire to increase her knowledge in her chosen field. Often she has informed me of the various educational opportunities she has participated in with the ultimate goal to improve her service to her clients. As a Registered Nurse, I am personally aware of the importance of continuing education and it is an indication of Christina's dedication and professionalism that she so actively pursues improvement through education.

I have given gift certificates for Christina's massage therapy to family, friends and customers. Everyone who has received these gifts has been extremely satisfied and has thanked me for introducing them to Christina. Personally speaking, Christina has not only made me feel good, but she has made me look good as well.

I highly recommend her services and encourage anyone who is experiencing discomfort to contact Christina. I am extremely confident that after the first session you will be completely satisfied and conclude that you found the right therapist.


Marisa Belote, RN

I have been seeing Chris Segal since 1999. Wow, that’s five years now. I wouldn’t see any one else for clinical massage therapy. I find massage therapy helps me to relax, relieve the stress of my high profile, high travel administrative position, and just makes me feel better. Chris is able to identify the trigger points that are bothering me without me even saying that I am hurting. She has a clinical touch that I find to be superior to any other massage therapist I have seen. My chiropractor is also impressed with the quality of her treatments and the outcomes I get from her therapy. She has also helped me to learn how to stretch and become more aware of my own body’I abilities to heal. Whether I feel like a Relaxation, Deep Swedish massage, or feel like I need a clinical treatment – neuromuscular-, I come out refreshed, and ready to conquer the next week. I also enjoy her new center, it is quiet, peaceful, and very quaint. She is welcoming and accommodating. The gift certificates are also a great idea, and a huge time saver for me. My friends and family that I have referred have enjoyed the experience as well. Chris, I couldn't survive without you, thanks so much.

Diane B. Flynn